Welcome to the Technoethical shop! We refurbish and sell only grade A, high quality devices compatbile with fully free operating systems. All our laptops are pre-installed with a completely libre BIOS (Libreboot) and a completely libre OS (Trisquel), and are certified by the Free Software Foundation to Respect Your Freedom (RYF).

GNU Flag

GNU Flag
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Wave your love for software freedom with this marine grade flag featuring the GNU logo! Check out the Specification tab for detailed information about the GNU flag.

GNU is the operating system that respects user's freedoms to use, study, copy and distribute its software. Started in 1983 by Richard Stallman, GNU is the first and main implementation of the free software philosophy.

Technoethical is proud to be among the supporters of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation, and is recognized for its contributions in the Thank GNUs 2018, LibrePlanet 2018 Sponsors and LibrePlanet 2017 Sponsors pages. We mention the donations we make to fully free system projects in this page.

Size 97x74cm
Fabric Nautical Nylon
Printing method Serigraphy
Stitching Double Perimeter Stitching
Rain resistance Yes.

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