My Part 1 - short SciFi story - digital version

My Part 1 - short SciFi story - digital version
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My Part - short SciFi story - Part 1

"- I've made an important discovery, one that has the potential of revolutionizing the whole technical and scientific world ... all current systems will collapse ... I cannot just keep everything hidden forever, and developing it publicly without revealing the key parts doesn't seem ethical ... At least with the help of this revolutionary technology I could lay the foundation of some of my older dreams, dreams that are not only mine ... I know who else would like to be a part of this, once I will reach that level of development I have in mind ...

- I still don't believe is real what's happening... even I still doubt that all is as you say, you know... it still seems to me like a fantasy scenario, or at most, a fun fair... Now that I've seen all this SciFi stuff around, my mind is confused ..."

As you can see, two quite different people, but with common aspirations embark almost without knowing where this path will lead on a journey of revolutionizing current technology. How do you even approach such a potentially frightening perspective? Should you just step into the unknown? Should you carefully make plans? Should you put all your eggs in one basket? Whom you can trust? The beginning, the pioneering years are always difficult and sinuous, but also bohemian and full of pleasant and thrilling experiences, and most of the times simply impossibly innexplicable, and curiously exciting!

Publication characteristics
File formats PDF, XHTML, TXT, EPUB
First published August 2018
First published here October 2019
License CC-BY SA 4.0 or later
Nr. of pages 27 (18 w/ text)
Page format A6

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