Free Distros Live USB by Technoethical

Free Distros Live USB by Technoethical
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The Free Distros Live USB by Technoethical helps you test and optionally install the latest stable versions of all self-hosting libre GNU/Linux distributions endorsed by the FSF.

Now it's easier than ever to try out the different flavors of the GNU system that are verified to include only free software, following Richard Stallman's vision of computing freedom. Simply plug the device in a USB port of your machine and boot the free distro of your choosing!

This device is a 32GB USB 2.0 flash drive which is conveniently packed with the live/install images of all FSF-approved fully-fledged distributions. Its small size, straight lines and resistant metal case make it perfectly suitable for your keychain. And it will certainly come in handy next time you want to showcase the usability and diversity of fully free systems!

Technoethical donates parts of its income to different free software projects. We list the donations on the page Technoethical donations.

Capacity 32GB
Included libre distributions
  • Dragora
  • Dyne:bolic
  • gNewSense
  • Guix System
  • Hyperbola
  • Parabola
  • PureOS
  • Trisquel
  • Ututo S
Casing All metal
Cap design Capless
Keyring loop Yes
Dimensions 39.00mm x 12.35mm x 4.55mm
Weight 6g

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