Technoethical D16 Workstation with GNU Boot

Technoethical D16 Workstation with GNU Boot
Technoethical D16 Workstation with GNU Boot Technoethical D16 Workstation with GNU Boot Technoethical D16 Workstation with GNU Boot
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The Tehnoethical D16 Workstation is a powerful desktop computer which features the dual-socket Asus KGPE-D16 mainboard preinstalled with GNU Boot, the fully free BIOS replacement, and in the default basic configuration, one 16-core AMD Opteron x86_64 CPU with a high-performance Noctua cooler on top, one 16GB of ECC DDR3 RAM module, a free software compatible fanless graphics card, and an efficient 650W 80+ Gold certified PSU, all that in a great looking and cable-clutter-free case. Please check the Specification tab for more details and upgrade options.

The D16 Workstation is compatible with fully free GNU/Linux operating systems (like Trisquel, Parabola, Dragora, gNewSense, etc). Enjoy the freedom of having the best control of your computing, privacy and security by using the Technoethical D16 Workstation.

This system is the most powerful computer you can have running free software, right from the computer startup software. It's ideal for having a graphics or video processing station, or a rendering machine. You can also use it as your own high-power home or small-business server.

GNU Boot is the fully free BIOS/UEFI replacement endorsed by the FSF. It is based on Coreboot/Libreboot, having the nonfree parts removed and better build system. While most people tend to overlook the importance of having fully free BIOS/UEFI and bootloaders, emphasizing only the need to have a free main operating system, these lower layers of the computer can contain backdoors and security vulnerabilities which have the potential to violate user's freedoms and privacy.

However, the control over your computer with a fully free BIOS is incomplete without a fully free GNU operating system, endorsed by the FSF and other free software organizations like Ceata.  A fully free system doesn't preinstall, host or recommend nonfree software. Thus users can feel protected from the dangers of proprietary world and also feel part of the community which contributes to the advancement of the free digital society. The society which Richard Stallman has envisioned and has been fighting for more than 30 years. We recommend you to install such an operating system on the Tehnoethical D16 Workstation in order to have freedom also on this level.

Technoethical donates 5% of the sale profits of this mainboard to FSF, the main sponsor of the GNU Project. We list the donations on the page Technoethical donations.

CPU 1x AMD Opteron 6276, 64-bit, 16 cores, 2.6Ghz, socket G34. Upgradable to 2x CPUs
Cooling 1x Noctua NH U9DO A3, single tower type heatsink, 6 heatpipes, 2x Noctua NF-B9 120mm low-noise fans. Upgradable to 2x Noctua NH U9DO A3
RAM 1x 16GB, DDR3 1600 RDIMM ECC. Upgradable to 128GB = 8x 16GB
HDD Not included (provided separately on request)
  • - GeForce GT 710, 2GB, GDDR5, 64-bit, fanless (passive-cooled), PCIe
  • - Aspeed AST2050 with 8MB VRAM, on-board
Wired network 2 x Intel 82574L, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Gigabit LAN
Wired network port 2x 8P8C (T568, "RJ45")
Audio 5.1 channels sound card, optical S/PDIF
Speakers Not included, but possible to connect your own
Video ports 1x HDMI, 1xDVI-I, 1x VGA
Peripheral ports
  • 9x USB 2.0 (in total)
  • 2x USB type A-female at back panel
  • 1x USB type A-female on-board
  • 3x 2-port on-board USB headers
  • 1x IEEE 1394 (FireWire) on-board header
  • 2x RS-232 serial (1x at back panel, 1x on-board header)
  • 2x PS/2 Keyboard+Mouse
Expansion slots
  • 4x PCIe 16x (two 16x lanes max.)
  • 1x PCIe 8x (1x 4x Link speed)
  • 1x PCI
  • 1x PIKE
Storage Ports
  • 6x SATA II 3G (AMD SP5100)
  • 8xSAS II 6G / SATA III 6G (SAS/SATA 6G only available with PIKE add-on card - system cannot boot from these ports)
Power supply Seasonic G-Series SSR-650RM 650W 80+ Gold
  • - form-factor: full-tower, E-ATX & SSI-EEB compatible
  • - 3x 5.25" external storage slots
  • - 6x 3.5" internal storage slots (2 cages of 3 slots each)
  • - 1x 2.5" internal storage slots (+ 2x additional mounting spots - trays for them not included)
  • - front USB ports: 2x USB3.0 + 2x USB2.0
  • - front audio ports: 1x headphones + 1x microphone
  • - fan slots - front: 1x 200mm (1x included), or 2x 140/120mm
  • - fan slots - top: 1x 200mm, or 3x 140/120mm
  • - fan slots - rear: 1x 140/120mm (1x 140mm included)
  • - fan slots - bottom: 1x 140mm, or 2x 120mm
  • - fan slots - 3.5" storage cage: 2x 120mm
  • - clearance - graphics card: 347mm (472mm w/o 3.5" cages)
  • - clearance - CPU cooler: 193mm
  • - color: black
  • - weight: 12kg
  • - dimensions: 235x535x550 mm
BIOS Proprietary BIOS is replaced with Libreboot
Operating system None preinstalled, but compatible with fully free GNU/Linux distributions

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