Technoethical Flashing Starter Kit

Technoethical Flashing Starter Kit
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If you've been thinking about replacing the proprietary BIOS with GNU Boot (or legacy Libreboot) on your laptop yourself, then this is the kit you need for a fast start. In it we have included all that you need to flash SOIC-16 chips on a compatible laptop such as the X200, the T400 and the T500. The kit comes with a mini flashing tutorial for your laptop to get you ready to Flash It Yourself! :-)

Tools included in the kit
Programmer CH341a USB SPI & I²C flash chip programmer
Clip Pomona 5252 16pin SOJ/SOIC clip
Wires 10x 10cm wires
USB Cable USB A extension cable
Screwdriver PH1 short screwdriver

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