Welcome to the Technoethical shop! We refurbish and sell only grade A, high quality devices compatbile with fully free operating systems. All our laptops are pre-installed with a completely libre BIOS (Libreboot) and a completely libre OS (Trisquel), and are certified by the Free Software Foundation to Respect Your Freedom (RYF).

Replicant Keychain Wooden/Red

Replicant Keychain Wooden/Red
Item Code: TET-RKC
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Shipping: Worldwide (Priority Air Mail)
Estimated Time of Arrival: 7-9 business days
Warranty: 24 months
Price: €14
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Show everybody you support Replicant, the fully free operating system for mobile devices. Especially if you're running Replicant on your device. You might also be interested in purchasing devices preinstalled with Replicant offered by Technoethical.

This nice keychain features the official Replicant logo and each purchase helps support the Replicant project (Technoethical donates Replicant $1.1/piece = 25% of the sale profit).

When ordering the Replicant keychain, please leave a comment specifying your preferred model, wooden or official red colored.

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